IFPDA 2020: Analia Saban: Analia Saban: Transcending Pigment from Paint to Canvas, from Canvas to Paint

2020年10月5日 - 11月1日

The Lapis Press is pleased to participate in the International Fine Print Dealers Association (IFPDA) first hybrid online/in-person edition of the Fine Art Print Fair. 


Transcending Pigment from Paint to Canvas, from Canvas to Paint exemplifies the way Saban continues to test the limits of printmaking. The edition is comprised of a series of 40 unique, mixed-media monoprints. Each print is a work without paper. Similar to Saban's previous collaboration with The Lapis Press, this new edition uses layered, acrylic paint as a substitute for paper, but takes the process one step further by printing on paint as well as Belgian linen.


The edition includes four color compositions, each in two orientations. The color schemes are inspired by the printing process itself and refer to the 'color targets' that are used to test ink and printer functionality. After the compositions are printed on the paint sheets, each is hand-torn, resulting in a distinctive, impossible-to-recreate shape. The torn paint sheet is then carefully adhered to the printed linen.  The final product shows a seamless but distinct shift int he colors, where the two mediums meet.


While an Artist in Residence at The Getty Research Institute, Saban studied the history of paint production. Transcending Pigment taps that history in its examination of how the most celebrated artistic medium (paint) can be turned into a picture’s canvas itself. In a further turn, each work is sewn to a board and allowed to hang freely at its bottom edge (like a tapestry). While the paint is torn (like paper), the linen that one normally expects to find pulled taut across canvas stretchers instead rests within the picture frame (like a painting). In this the compositions sit somewhere between painting, collage, and prints.


For a complete list of available works in the edition, please contact Camilla Johnston at cjohnston@lapispress.com