Graciela Iturbide Mexico, b. 1942

Without the camera you see the world one way, with it, you see the world another way. Through the lens you are composing, dreaming even, with that reality, as if through the camera you are synthesizing who you are... So you make your own image, interpreting.

-Graciela Iturbide


In the fall of 2011, The Lapis Press and ROSEGALLERY invited Graciela Iturbide as an artist-in-residence to work on what was to become Criba del cielo. This limited edition portfolio of black and white pigmented ink prints features vividly textural views of Los Angeles. The series is comprised of six images angled toward the sky through various nets and fences evoking a type of sieve extracting heaven from the atmosphere. The suite inhabits the visceral minimalism that is unique to Iturbide's work.


Now considered one of Mexico’s most prolific and celebrated photographers, her work has graced more than sixty exhibitions in galleries and museums worldwide. In 2007, the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles held a retrospective exhibition, The Goat’s Dance. Graciela Iturbide is the 2008 winner of the prestigious Hasselblad Award, and, in 2015, the Cornell Capa Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Center for Photography.