Adam Rabinowitz Israel, b. 1973

The work establishes unresolved relationships between an open and a close shape, between fracture and whole, finite and infinite seriality, flat layers and depth, source and reflection, and between reflection and reflection of a reflection. It is based on a principle of illusion and uncertainty, designed to create a cognitive crisis that will unsettle the perception of the laws of nature, and demand a reacquisition of knowledge.

- Ory Dessau, 2009


 Adam Rabinowitz works within the mediums of painting, sculpture and installation. His works are manifestations of appearance and disappearance through matter, space, and light. Rabinowitz’s works are influenced by Walt Disney animation films, as well as by abstract post-war American art. His paintings are marked with psychedelic configurations and seem to be affected by heat or struck by war, recalling the burnt landscapes of the Sinai desert.


Rabinowitz’s recent series of silkscreened paintings transmit a simultaneous effect of infinite space and flatness and play on the impossibility of being faded and bright at the same time. Hybrid images of UFO’s, cartoon-like eyes, tongues, clouds, drops and rainbows inhabit the paintings, implying an indeterminate state of suspended animation.